Director Desk

My vision is to transform Rajasthan into a front-runner State in agriculture in the Country through development of new high yielding varieties, eco-friendly and economically viable technologies in the changed climatic and water scarcity scenario.
Dr. Swaroop Singh
Director, RARI
Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University, Jobner

Vice Chancellor
Prof. N.S. Rathore
About RARI Durgapura
This Agricultural Research Station (ARS) now called as Rajasthan Agricultural Research Institute (RARI) is a constituent of Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University, Jobner, Jaipur. Since its inception in 1943 it has come a long way, overcoming an era of national food deficits to that of self-sufficiency with a surplus food-grains reserve. This research station was initially under the control of the state Govt., which in April 1977 transferred it along with the responsibilities of crop research to the then Udaipur University, a multi-faculty university. Later, in 1987, the first Agricultural University in the state was established with its main campus at Bikaner and this research station thus came under the jurisdiction of the Agricultural University, presently known as the Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University.

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